Hôtel Square Louvois | Paris

 In order to allow you to continue living the hotel Square louvois experience and to book a room without concern, new measures have been implemented in our establishment.

 You will find below the special booking conditions in case of new Government restrictions as well as the sanitary measures we apply.


As part of the period of health emergency related to Covid 19, we are dedicated to make your stay enjoyable and ensure your health safety. You will find our action plan below.

In all area, please respect the obligation of wearing a mask.

Hydroalcoholic gel is available at the entrance of the hotel and thermometers are available at reception upon request.

All of our staff take special care in the cleaning and disinfection of all points of contact.

The traffic direction is shown, please respect it.

Breakfast will be served in a box delivered to your room.

During the period of health emergency, access to the pool cannot be guaranteed. Please contact us to check the availability of the service.

plexiglas is placed at the front desk.
Prioritise contact with reception.

Prioritise credit card payments at each point of sales. We disinfect the terminal before each use.

As far as possible se the lift to go up and the stairs to go down.. Please use the elevator only with people travelling with you.

We encourage you to use the bahroom in your room. The toilets in the lobby will be opened on request at reception.

 Our staff has received specific training and equipment to protect themselves and yourself. If one of our employees has symptoms, he does not come to work. All working processes have been rethought as part of the battle against the spread of the virus. We prioritise autonomus work to limit the risk of contagion.

Symptoms appear during the course of your trip or during your hotel stay?
Please immediately inform the hotel, contact your gp and respect self isolation in your room while waiting for a test result. In case of severe symptoms call 15 or ask for help by dialing 9.

Special terms and conditions for modifying or cancelling a reservation

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